Art Resources Transfer is a non-profit organization committed to documenting and disseminating artists' voices and work to the broadest possible public. Our two programs, A.R.T. Press and the D.U.C., activate the key components of the printed book—publication, distribution, and spaces of reading—to create more egalitarian access to the arts and literacy.


The Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program (D.U.C.) distributes books on contemporary art and culture free of charge to rural and inner-city public libraries, schools, prisons, and alternative education centers nationwide.

The D.U.C. enables public libraries to remain vital educational agents and bridges communities across barriers of economic and cultural difference. By enriching library collections with resources they could not otherwise afford to acquire, the program fosters arts education, literacy, and more egalitarian access to contemporary art. To date, the D.U.C. has placed over 400,000 free books in public institutions across the country.

In 2016, the D.U.C. celebrates Glenn Ligon by distributing free art books in his name.

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A.R.T. Press primarily publishes books based on artist-to-artist conversations. The conversation format permits a thorough yet informal investigation of each artist's practice and the larger social issues that inform it. By virtue of their clarity, personal focus, affordability, and innovative method of distribution, these books make possible the presentation of contemporary artists and their work to a wide readership.

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