Work Book



Work Book by James Wagner is a collaboration with artist Edgar Arceneaux and was published by Nothing Moments Press in the fall of 2007.

This book is a story about three interviews and description of jobs encountered. Reading it brings back the nervousness, the disappointment, the udder weirdness and the hopefulness we have all experiences applying for jobs. James Wagner is an American poet. The poet and critic Joyelle McSweeney wrote that the poems in his first collection, the false sun recordings, form a semi-coherent push-me/pull-you-type dialogue about stability and wholeness, by turns humorous... and serious. In recent works such as The Idiocy and Query/Xombies, Wagner focuses on the searching qualities of human existence, whether through logical argument (and its attendant pitfalls), or through the medium of the search engine, nominally the modern oracle. His third and most recent collection of poetry, Thrown, poems to paintings by Bracha L. Ettinger, was cited by poet Eileen Tabios for its imaginative intensity, ambition and lyrical prowess.

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