Wim Delvoye: Drawings & Scale Models


This exhibition of drawings and scale models by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye includes 30 drawings, exhibited alongside scale models of Delvoye’s signature gothic sculptures. According to Jean-Pierre Criqui, Delvoye is “a tireless, even compulsive maker of drawings.” Indeed, the artist’s works on paper—part blueprint, part painterly exercise—reveal Delvoye’s intense process of creation, the skilled draftsmanship and meticulous attention paid to detail behind each of his contradictory and subversive works. The sculptures on view are all unique works crafted in laser-cut stainless steel, small-scale models for his full-size gothic renditions of industrial equipment. Delvoye’s work celebrates paradox, building on the Belgian surrealist tradition of combining two disparate elements/ideas in a single work of art—in this case heavy machinery and the exquisitely detailed and elegant style of gothic and baroque cathedral architecture. His hybrid models of cement mixers, caterpillars, and other large-scale functional equipment present an atypical and intriguing combination of historic ornament and industrial design, questioning what is sacred and what utilitarian as they inhabit the worlds of the banal and the distinctly uncommon. Born in Belgium in 1965, Delvoye currently lives and works in Ghent, Belgium and Berlin. The artist has gained international recognition through his participation in major international exhibitions. Sperone Westwater, 2005 Softcover, 74 pgs No ISBN

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