Since the 1960s, Robert Whitman has been using new technologies to make works of performance, sculpture, and installation. In Turning, published in conjunction with the gallery's recent exhibition, he explores the light and movement of planetary space. Whitman began by gathering video footage from NASA, which he then digitally manipulated and re-sequenced. The resulting film is projected internally onto the surface of three plastic hemispheres: Earth (2006), Europa (2006), and Ganymede (2006). These sculptural forms, suspended from the ceiling, measure between four and five feet in diameter. The full-color catalog includes an interview with Whitman by the artist and historian Coosje van Bruggen, in which he comments: ''Our generation is the first bunch of people that know the moon close-up. On the one hand that's kind of wonderful and on the other it adds another area of stuff we can't imagine–another diving board to jump off into the unknown.'' The Pace Gallery, 2007 9.5 x 10 inches, 96 pp., color illustrations and CD-ROM Softcover, ISBN 978-1930743786

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