Keinholz: Televisions




Keinholz: Televisions is an illustrated catalog published alongside an exhibition of assemblage sculptures and tableaux by Ed and Nancy Kienholz at L.A. Louver in 2016.

Throughout the course of Ed and Nancy Kienholz’s careers and collaborations, the television found its way into many of their works, and became a recurring theme. Together they made over 30 unique assemblage works, installations, and series of multiples related to the television set. The exhibition will feature 13 of these works, produced between the late 1960s and Ed’s passing in 1994, as well as a singular piece created by Nancy in 2006.

The earliest works in the exhibition focus on the television as a solitary object, such as Solid State (1965) and Cement TV (1969). Both are small portable TVs cast in concrete, their cumbersome forms rendered void of any functionality. Later works like All’s Quiet (1986) and Chicken Little (1992) feature miniature tableaux encased within opaque plastic water jugs and lit from within, creating a luminescent glow that enlivens the scenes portrayed.

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