Eve and Me



This book is a chronological series of father/daughter self-portraits by photographer Geoffrey Biddle. It begins with Eve's birth and concludes twenty-two years later after the death from cancer of his wife and her mother, artist Mary Ann Unger. Biddle writes directly to Eve in brief accompanying texts that illuminate sweet, happy details of their lives and acknowledge the emotional strain of Unger’s diagnosis and long battle to stay alive. Eve and Me was conceived as a gift from father to daughter, testimony to their shared experience and singular bond. It traverses their closest years, from city playgrounds to country fields, without and within the shadow of illness and loss. “I put myself on both sides of Eve and Me. Telling our story this way gave me clarity and a measure of control that catastrophic illness and daily parenting withhold.” By the end of this companion volume to Biddle's memoir Rock In A Landslide, the circle of life issues new chapters when both Eve and her father find love and he hints at a future with “our blended family at one table....and I get to take pictures."

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