Blithe Air: Photographs of England, Wales, and Ireland




This is a book of full-page black-and-white photographs, reproduced in 300-line screen extended-range duotone by The Stinehour Press. Designed by Elizabeth Matheson and John Menapace (to whom the book is also dedicated.) It includes a text, "Illuminations & Pyrotechnic Display," by Jonathan Williams.

Each of Elizabeth Matheson's images bestows upon the eye rare evidence of clear focus. They receive and select, reflect; yet seem to bring their scene before us instantly. And what is beheld is literally 'held'-held in the preciousness of light, and its transportations. Ireland, England, Wales are poised in 'Blithe Air', black and white particles, ionized, vivid, and refreshing.

So firmly yet gently grasped, the things seen surprise and touch us. Statuary, hippo, wader, shadow, sofa, seaside, horse. The eye is deposited, always answering the need to care, and be cared for. Whose eye? Hers? Ours? Her lead is so subtle, that as we follow these compositions, their natural consequence convinces us that we ourselves are their vital creator.

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